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Ready To Stop Being Controlled By Unresolved Health Challenges?

The Bloodwork You Were Told Was "Normal" Can Reveal Real Answers & Solutions

Use Your "Normal" Blood Labs As A Roadmap Back To Health

Get Your Body Feeling Better In Just 90 Days With Our Whole Body Healing Program Designed To Help An Unhealthy Body Get Healthy Again!

Is This You?

  • Tired of being brushed off by doctors

  • Blood labs come back "Normal" but you know something is just not right

  • Unexplained symptoms that no one can figure out

  • Want to know what's causing the chaos in your body

  • Health is causing your relationships to suffer as a spouse, parent, friend or employee

  • You've tried everything and nothing is working

  • Struggle with inflammation, brain fog, fatigue, pain, anxiety, or digestive problems

  • No or low energy

  • Want to to learn how to take health back into your own hands


Finally Understand Why You Feel The Way You Do And Get Relief & Answers You Deserve 

From: The Desk of Sydney Torres


Dear Friend, 


I've had the privilege of helping clients with Hormone Imbalances! It's a BIG problem for a lot of women. 


However, it's very poorly managed within the mainstream medical system. 




MOST doctors ignore or don't test the hormone level components! They simply dismiss your particular health concern or very quick to use a "chemical" cover ups.


Meanwhile, you still may be suffering painful or irregular periods, weight loss resistance, anxiety, hair loss, fatigue, low libido, low energy and insomnia etc.....because the ROOT CAUSES were never fixed!


You MUST test to determine what "path" to go down! Along with other vital steps.


It's next to impossible to balance hormones when your TOXIC, INFLAMED, have GUT DYSFUNCTION, and CELLULAR DAMAGE. 


Let's remove inflammatory TOXINS from the diet. Let's deal with stress. Let's stabilize/balance blood sugar spikes and dips. We take a holistic approach, and it works amazing!


We have a saying...."We Don't Guess...We TEST!"


We look at FOODS! We look at NUTRIENTS! We look at TOXICITIES! 

We don't have a one size fits all cookie cutter approach.


This is what separates us from other clinics out there. Most will simply throw a medication at the symptoms. We come at things from a NATURAL approach!


This is a very poor medical approach and leaves people feeling miserable! 

Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalance

  • Weight Loss Resistance

  • ​Chronic Fatigue (i.e. wake up tired)

  • ​Painful Heavy Periods

  • ​Depression & Anxiety

  • ​Morning Headaches

  • ​Dry / Thinning Hair

  • ​Itchy Dry Skin

  • ​Hot Flashes

Our Approach Is Unique

We Don't Guess - We TEST


Let's say, for example, you ARE one of the 80% who has a hormonal imbalance...


We must address the entire body as a WHOLE and get to the ROOT CAUSES of WHY! 


Remember, we take a "global" look. We look at a variety of factors including foods, nutrients, neurotoxins, inflammation, cell health etc. 


In order to truly get well and solve the problem, you need a practitioner who is like a detective. Somebody who will take the time and dig for the root cause. NOT somebody who spends 5 minutes with you, gives you a "chemical" and says come back in 6 weeks. That's a failed approach. 


Again, it's a big reason why there are so many women are suffering from hormonal imbalances .


If you're sick of the medical run around...then let's hop on a discovery call. No cost, simply a chance to ask each other questions and determine if our unique approach protocol would make sense for you. 


Be Well, 


Sydney Torres

Don't Give Up !

There is a way out. As a true bloodwork specialist I take the labs you were told were "Normal" and reveal the hidden truths inside your labs giving you real answers and solutions. 
In This Free Live Workshop You'll Discover:
  • If your body is fighting in an infection and if so what does this look like?

  • Top 5 markers that are a game changer for your healing journey

  • How to use your blood labs as a personal roadmap that tell you exactly what your body needs to be healthy.


Attend the live free workshop to Discover What's Really in those "Normal" blood labs

Meet Your Bloodwork Specialist

Sydney Torres

As former certified nursing assistant of six years, Sydney went from working in the ER, ICU, and Med-Surg to starting her own virtual health clinic, Balance Health Now. After dealing with her own health challenges, and hearing countless times, "everything is normal"  she realized there was a better way to approach chronic health conditions.


Now as a certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner and Certified Bloodwood Specialist she helps people with unresolved chronic health complaints use those so called "normal" labs as a personal road map to go to regain health and vitality. 


Sydney is the host of the podcast, Balance Health Now and is one of the co-authors of the book "Healing Beyond The Diagnosis. 

Think of her as a health detective finding the underlying root causes of  what's going on within your body.  No more is she willing to accept there is nothing wrong with you, your fine. She is here to advocate for you and your well-being.

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